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    专利类型:  发明专利
    申请号:  US53064190
    申请日期:  1990-05-30
    公开号:  US5080584A
    公开日期:  1992-01-14
    摘要:  An orthodontic arch wire exhibiting relatively constant force over range of deflection of 0.8-1.8 mm and resiliently returnable to its initial position from flexure up to 90° is formed from a braid of nickel/titanium alloy. In the process for making the arch wire, eight strands of the alloy are initially formed into a braid of circular cross section which is then deformed into a rectangular cross section. The deformed braid is wound about a fixture, is heated treated on the fixture and thereafter cut to produce a pair of arch wires from each coil about the fixture. The nickel/titanium alloy is one having a nominal composition of 55% nickel and 45% titanium.
    主权项:  In a method for making orthodontic arch wires, the steps comprising: (a) providing eight-ten strands of substantially circular cross section of an alloy of nickel/titanium alloy; (b) forming said strands into a braid of substantially circular cross section, such braid consisting solely of said strands; (c) deforming said braid into a substantially rectangular cross section; (d) winding said deformed braid about a fixture of substantially oval cross section providing a pair of elongate arcuate surfaces of substantially the radius desired for the finished arch wires; (e) heat treating said deformed braid on said fixture by maintaining it at a temperature of about 400-600° C. for a period of at least two minutes and thereafter quenching it; and (f) cutting said deformed and heat treated braid along the length of the fixture at the ends of said arcuate surfaces to produce arch wires of generally arcuate configuration.
    专利分类号:  A61C7/20;A61C7/02;A61C3/00(5)
    专利状态:  失效专利
    Method for forming nickel/titanium braided arch wires
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