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    专利类型:  发明专利
    申请号:  US54697390
    申请日期:  1990-07-02
    公开号:  US5080860A
    公开日期:  1992-01-14
    申请人:  GEN ELECTRIC
    摘要:  A method for providing improved castability in a gamma titanium aluminide is taught. The method involves adding inclusions of boron to the titanium aluminide containing chromium and niobium. Boron additions are made in concentrations between 0.5 and 2 atomic percent. Fine grain equiaxed microstructure is found from solidified melt. Property improvements are also achieved.
    主权项:  A castable composition having equiaxed, fine grain microstructure in the as cast form comprising titanium, aluminum, chromium, niobium, and boron in the following approximate composition: Ti 42-55 .5 Al 43-48 [Cr 0-3 ]Cr 1-3 Nb 1-5 B 0 .5-2.0.
    专利分类号:  C22C14/00;C22C14/00(5)
    专利状态:  失效专利
    代理机构:  Rochford Paul E.;Davis, Jr. James C.;Magee, Jr. James
    Niobium and chromium containing titanium aluminide rendered castable by boron inoculations
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