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  • 《Journal of Materials Processing Technology》
    年:2017   卷:243   期数:   ISSN:0924-0136   点击量:28505
    Title:    Effect of arc behavior on Ti-6Al-4V welds during high frequency pulsed arc welding
    文章编号:    20170006
    Author(s):     Mingxuan Yang, Hao Zheng, Bojin Qi, Zhou Yang
    Keywords:    Pulsed arc welding; Ti-6Al-4V; Welds; Mechanical property
    Abstract:     Pulsed welding (20 kHz, 40 kHz) created arc constriction compared with conventional arc welding (CAW). The core region of the arc plasma increased by 43.7~51.5%, which was considered as the energy concentration. The arc force enhanced by 42.9~57.1%, compared with 2.8 mN of CAW. The arc behavior greatly impacted the characteristics of the Ti-6Al-4V welds. The microstructures and mechanical properties were optimized. The grain size decreased by about 30% in the fusion zone (FZ), and parallel martensite α’ can be found in the coarse grain region (CGR). The elongation increased by 68% (20 kHz) and 38% (40 kHz), and the area reduction rate increased by 180%. Frequencies at 20~40 kHz were found to be the best range for Ti-6Al-4V welding.
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